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The Maison Marcellé Recipe for a Chic ‘n Easy Holiday Season

1. Surprise! The moment that you opened this post, you opened your invitation to Paris at Christmastime, ma cherie! Just in case you’re not able to squeeze in a shopping trip along the Champs Elysees this month, we’re bringing the Champs Elysees to you. You are cordially invited to our Trés Français Holiday Soirée. You can kiss French Santa, hum French carols and sip French apple brandy while happy, little French elves wrap the French inspired gifts that we’ve stocked for less than $20!  Chic... easy... no passport required. Voila!  

Tip: Parking in Downtown Haddonfield is FREE until December 25th.

2. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break. No one is going to unfriend you because you didn’t bake 12 different kinds of cookies. No one is going to notice that the dog’s eyes are closed in your holiday photo. If they do, AU REVOIR, FELICIA... one less gift to wrap! Take it easy. There are tidings of good joy in the air, Desmoiselles. Breathe. Enjoy.

Tip: Ludovico’s Deli in Downtown Haddonfield makes award winning cookie trays... and they accept online orders... and deliver. You’re welcome.

3. Spend more time making memories than making yourself (and everyone around you) crazy. Trekking across a crowded mall parking lot to stand in line for 45 minutes to pay full retail prices... NOT chic! With The Lavish Loft, Pure Couture, Irene’s Consignment Boutique and Raks Thrift Avenue all within one shopping block, Downtown Haddonfield has become the region’s destination for upscale resale shopping. Giving your BFF a one-of-a-kind, sustainable, professionally curated gift... TRÉS chic.

Tip: King’s Road Brewing Company and Ends of the Earth Cigar Shop are on the same block, so you can get something wonderful for Monsieur, too. Or pull up a chair and get cozy... I’m getting visions of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Oh la la...!

Still from Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"

4.  We all know the old adage, “Tis better to give than to receive,” right? Someone you love is losing sleep trying to figure out what you might like while you’re trying to think of something clever to put on your wishlist. Trés chic solution: Small business gift certificates! Instead of Aunt Sophie buying you another ill-fitting, dated $20 blouse that (let’s keep it real, ma chère) you’re going to return in January, why not ask her for a $20 gift certificate to your favorite bakery or café? She gets the thrill of giving a gift that you j’adore, you get to enjoy your favorite macarons this side of Provence... AND... the small business that you support gets the gift of a prosperous holiday season. C’est magnifique!  Mention “I shop small” at Maison Marcellé and get a $150 gift certificate for $99 until December 23rd.

Tip: Gelato Dolceria serves THE best coffee in Haddonfield... for $1. A $20 gift certificate goes a looooong way there! 

5. Finally, have fun! Be present. Spend some time this holiday season laughing, loving and sharing joy. Downtown Haddonfield hosts Candlelight Shopping every Friday night until Christmas: Santa Claus (the real one, I think... he knew some things I’d hoped he didn’t), carriage rides, Victorian carolers and live nativity scenes at our historic churches... it’s like a chapter from a Dickens novel (which you can also find in town at We’re also looking forward to the Menorah Lighting on December 20th, at 7:30pm. Of course, the local merchants are excited to welcome you with fabulous holiday sales and promos, too. When you support local, your gift is our gift.

Trés Joyeux Noël,

Your Maison Marcellé Team

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