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The 2024 BLEUprint

Bonne année, #TeamChic. As we all turn the page to begin a new journée in 2024, I'm tickled to introduce what will serve as the BLEUprint for The Maison Marcellé Team this year. Life, work, passion and purpose.

Life, La Vie: J'adore January. Oui, the temps here in historic Downtown Haddonfield are cold, but after a wonderfully chaotic holiday season, I relish in the calm of the short days.

I'm taking this opportunity to refocus on what has become a tres extensif, Christian Lacroix-inspired dining room make over. Fingers crossed, I can share photos of the completed labour d'amour in February.

Tip: Maximalism is making a comeback! If you love it, display it. Your château should be a chic reflection of your imagination.

Work, Le Travail: Interesting that work translates to travail en français, isn't it? Anyway, I digress. This month in the boutique, we're focused on clearing out to make room for the collection nouveau we'll bring back from Paris Fashion Week in March. That means 40% off most winter styles and to say, "merci beaucoup for being here," we'd like to extend une offre exclusive to you, #TeamChic.


Mention I DREAM IN FRENCH at the counter to enjoy a BUY 2, GET 1 promo through Jan 31st.


Tip: Use your holiday gift certificate for added savings.

Passion, La Passion: I'm a bit of a yawn maybe when it comes to my passions. Travel, fashion, food, repeat... but this year, I'm going to take the travel thing to a new level! On Jan 2nd, my passport and I set off for 36 hours in Vieux-Québec. The magical highlights of that trip are shared in our IG reels.


This past weekend, I checked into The Inn at Twin Lindens, a charming B&B in Lancaster County, PA. Just 50 miles from home, it was the perfect overnight experience, and the soft blanket of white snow that fell as I lounged in the warmth of the19th century clawfoot tub was a welcomed bonus.


Do you have a favorite escape that I should experience? S'il vous plait, do tell!


Read: How to Live Like the Little Prince, by Stéphane Garnier, who revisits St. Exupér's story with a fresh, contemporary eye.

Purpose, Le But: As many of you know, before the nights at Versailles and afternoon thés at The Ritz Paris, I came from very humble beginnings, so the giveback opportunities that the success of the boutique affords is center to our core. With your help, we just donated 188 new pair of gloves to cold hands right here in our community, and we're proud to introduce Hannah Leopard-Davis as this year's recipient of the Maison Marcellé Style Scholarship. Hannah is pursuing excellence in textile design, and we couldn't be more excited to financially support her style dream.


Give: We'd love to write a check for your favorite charity. Book your fundraiser at the boutique today.

Do you have a favorite French recipe? A chic travel destination? A game changing style tip? S'il vous plait, share it with us. Let's dream in French... together.


Your Maison Marcellé Team

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