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Parisiennes in the Wild

How was Paris Fashion Week? I'm so glad you asked. It... was... fabuleuse! Between afternoon tea at the Ritz and a picnic brunch at Marie Antoinette's Versailles, we shopped our favorite haunts and discovered some new ones, too. We ventured south to explore the Borgogne region, wandered one of the best Saturday markets in France and... and... and... we actually MET Monsieur Didier Ludot in his iconic Palais-Royal boutique.

In the midst of all the magic, we also curated a haute-to-death Fall/Holiday collection that has been nearly a year in the making.

With great pride and excitement, we introduce:

Parisiennes in the Wild: A Celebration of French Women

After hours and hours of studying these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, we have taken special care to ensure that our collection reflects the beauty of their diversity.

French women are

tall AND petite,

thin AND thick.

They are models and moms,

chefs and chatelaines,

seamstresses, soldiers and scientists.

The one thing that unites them... they are all chic!

Parisiennes in the Wild is miles from any other collection that we've launched in the past.

From the vibrant violette and chartreuse coleur palette to the somewhat shocking sheer trend that we couldn't resist, the racks at Maison Marcellé are full of exciting surprises this season!

Expect modern silhouettes and pieces chosen especially for our modest clients (more to come on that soon).

Expect classique, tailored blazers, slip skirts, French stripes and sequined animal prints.

The Vault is bursting with black tie gowns and perfectly Parisian prom dresses.

Sustainable and size inclusive, there is truly something in this collection for everyone!

Join us October 26th through 29th, 2023, for the official launch and raise a flute as we celebrate six years of chic in Downtown Haddonfield (RSVP here).

Whether you've got a special invitation or would like to update your Fall looks, we are excited to play dress up with you. Your Parisian boutique experience awaits.

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