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Sip Chic

Le joie de l'ete, the joy of summer... as a summer baby, this is my favorite time of year. At Maison Marcellé, we're celebrating the laissez-faire of July and toasting to summer fun. Below is your #TeamChic vibe guide to our Summer 2023 cocktail menu. Raise a glass with us as we Sip Chic.

The Marie Antoinette

If you're reading this blog, we assume that you have a bottle of pink champagne chilling in your wine fridge as we speak.

And if you're a Luxe Box subscriber, you've got the lavender sachet that was part of your Christian Dior Summer 2023 experience.

Rub the rim of a coupé glass with fresh lavender to release the fragrant oils. Pop the chilled bubbly and pour over a sprig of fresh lavender... et voila. You're sipping the sort delicate cocktail that young Marie Antoinette, The Dauphine, would have enjoyed when she arrived at The Court of Versailles.

Sip tip: Add an ounce of purple hued Empress Gin to your coupé and now you're sipping the sort of regal cocktail Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, would have enjoyed with her entourage away from Court, at her privée Petit Trianon.

The Madame du Barry

As francophiles, we all know that Chambord pairs well with champagne. Yum, but yawnn.

For a new and interesting twist, we've paired Chambord with dry vermouth. Our choix préféré is Louis Ferdinand Dorin, Vermouth de Chambéry. Of course, use your fave if you have one. Smoooooth!

Like the 18th century's most celebrated maîtresse-en-titre, our Madame du Barry cocktail is a bit tart with a sweet, velvet delivery. Enjoy this sexy, summer cocktail with your clique of secret keepers in a vintage apéritif glass, like these that we curated at Le Marché aux Puces à Paris.

Sip tip: The key here is to CHILL the vermouth. Many think of vermouth as a spirit when actually, it's an aromatized, fortified wine. It should always be refrigerated after opening.

The Rose Bertin

Widely recognized as the first French designer, Rose Bertin was the creator of fashion at Marie Antoinette's Court of Versailles. She was quoted as saying to the trendsetting Queen, "Il n'y a de nouveau que ce qui est oublié", or "There is nothing new except what has been forgotten."

Mimosas (l'orange), bellinis (peche), they're at the top of every petite déjeuner menu, but pamplemousse... grapefruit? There's a new twist!

In a tall, thin glass pour 2 ounces of botanical vodka over ice. Top with 1 ounce of pamplemousse liqueur and 1/2 oz Sirop de Monin en Rose. Fancy!

Sip tip: For those who are setting your own trends and enjoying a sober-chic summer, visit our dear friends at female-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned GemLife. With two South Jersey locations and a global online shop, these style stars are serving Fever-Tree Sparking Pink Grapefruit... hands down the haute-est 30 calorie citrus-floral treat this side of the Seine!

Coco Chanel

Save the date! On August 19th, we will celebrate Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel's birthday... again.

If you've joined this celebration in the past, then you know... this is some soirée! This year, we invite everyone to join us for a Rosé All Day open house event from 11-6pm, no RSVP required.

Coco cake, chocolat, giveaways and of course... a signature cocktail (and mocktails). For this Sip Chic recipe, you’ll have to join us as we toast the most iconic French woman who ever lived.

Please note that Maison Marcellé will be closed Friday, July 21st - Tuesday, July 25th and will reopen on Wednesday, July 26th.

Summer Hours Wednesday - Saturday, 11-6pm Sunday, 1-5pm Monday and Tuesday, Closed

En style,

Your Maison Marcellé Team

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