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Fashion is changing. Are you ready?

The date on your picturesque “Year in Provence” wall calendar isn’t the only thing that’s new, mes Cheries!  As we roll into 2020, the fashion industry is taking on a whole new, exciting look. Runways are becoming gender neutral. A-listers are making red carpet magic in sustainable, vintage gowns. Couture houses are designing for women (and men) of all shapes, shades and sizes and I suspect that by the time we pop the 2030 magnum of champagne, “plus sized” will be term reserved for the fashion archives. The frocks in our fancy window may be retro, but our approach to fashion is anything but. With that, SUSTAINABILITY and INCLUSIVITY are our focus as we sachet into a new decade.

2019 industry trend reports project that resale apparel sales will double in the next 5 years, reaching $51 billion. Oui, billion… with a B! Many of you have embraced the wonderful world of resale for the important impact that your sustainable wardrobe choices have on the environment. Some of you love the thrill of hunting for an impeccably made, one of a kind piece. Some of you just refuse to pay retail and j’adore a good deal. Whatever your reason for shopping resale, YOU Desmoiselles, are trendsetters in this evolving world of global fashion and we are committed to curating the region’s most impressive and exciting sustainable collection for you.

Lining our racks with pretty dresses isn’t enough, though. Our goal is to ensure that the Maison Marcellé experience is welcoming and that we can roll out our styling red carpet for everyone. EVERYONE. Though we’ve been size inclusive since we opened our French doors in 2017, we’ve realized that we needed to do more. (I’ve been giddy with excitement to make this announcement for ages!) After several months of sipping champagne while exchanging dialogue with occupational therapists and fashionistas who struggle to get dressed each day, we are tickled Paris pink to launch a wheelchair accessible, adaptive fashion line of clothes and accessories at the front of the boutique later this month. Thoughtfully selected... oui. Sensory conscious... oui. Closure friendly... oui. Trés chic... but, of course! Mention “Inclusivity is chic” and enjoy 10% off of your purchase until January 31st. Merci!

2020 promises to be an exciting year in fashion and your Maison Marcellé thought leaders are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. One of my favorite Coco Chanel quotes reads: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.” To be chic, we must be thoughtful, forward thinking, kind and responsible. In 1920, Chanel may not have given much thought to sustainability and inclusivity. In 2020, she would have. We think we’re on to something trés bonne here.

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