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C’est La Saint-Valentin

On February 14th, lovers around the globe will celebrate l’amour. Throughout France, the traditions are similar to those in English cultures… chocolates, roses, candlelight dinners, but la fête des amoureux is reserved exclusively for those who are “in” love. They don’t extend the celebrations for sisterly love, classroom love or even loving gestures between friends. Fear not, mes cheries, Downtown Haddonfield embraces all kinds of love! Especially the special kind of love that is shared between (friends) amis.

We want to show our love for you! On Thursday, February 13th, from 5-9pm, Downtown Haddonfield will host the 2nd annual GALentine Soirée. Maison Marcellé guests will enjoy our signature champagne cocktail, trés chic berry and biscuit buffet and a special French floral gift.

Put your love into words…

L’amour – Love

L’amitié – Friendship

Je t’aime – I am in love with you

A kiss – Un bisou

Joyeuse Saint Valentin – Happy Valentine’s Day

Tu veux être ma valentine?  – Would you be my valentine?

Put your love into action… Tell your neighbors that you love them. Hunger is no longer reserved for the poor. Did you know that, statistically, there are several families within a one mile radius of your home who are food insecure? That is, they don’t know where 2 or more of their meals are coming from each week… and… 2 in 3 people who are hungry are children. C’est catastrophe!

Please support our Let Them Eat Cake campaign. Drop $10 in our South Jersey Food Bank box and we’ll return that love to you with a gorgeous gift ($39 value). Together, we can feed our neighbors. What could be more chic than that? Merci.

A bientôt,

Your Maison Marcellé Team 

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