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Modern Marie Antoinette: The Inspiration, The Collection, & The Lookbook

Have you ever wondered, “If Marie Antoinette and the ladies of her Court were to travel to 2020, what in the world would they wear?” Just me? Ok. Admittedly, I’ve been asking myself this question for ages and thought it would be so much fun to curate a fashion collection inspired by her iconic look. Modern Marie Antoinette. So, as soon as I arrived in Paris last week, I hopped the RER B for the 40 minute train ride to, where else, but the Chateau de Versailles.

Talk about a Palace fit for a Queen! The place is MASSIVE. 2,014 acres, to be exact. In search of Fall fashion inspo,  I skipped the glitz and decorum of the 30,000 room Chateau de Versailles and took the very, very, very, very long walk to Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon. It’s the “country cottage” that her husband, Louis XVI, gifted her as an escape from the critical eyes and overbearing rules and regulations that plagued the young queen’s life at Versailles. It was a place that Marie Antoinette and her BFFs could just chill in frilly white gowns and satin slippers and because it rained cats and French poodles the day that I visited, I could just chill, too…  in a raincoat and gum boots with a good umbrella. Basically, I had Marie Antoinette’s magical estate to myself. Just me, some wooly sheep,  graceful swans, happy-go-lucky ducks, a few sweet-faced lambs and one very lazy pig who didn’t even lift her head out of the mud when I said “Bonjour.”

Wide-winged Monarchs were playing in the marigolds, little red squirrels scurried up and down trees and fancy-feathered birds sang… in French. This most delightful rainy day is reflected in the butterfly prints, wool capes, fur hand muffs, and feathered collars of the Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

Marie Antoinette was a country girl at heart. Her gardens were full of purple cabbages, pristine ponds were swimming with orange fish and blue and white pots full of yellow mums lined the winding, cobbled paths.  “The collection” I thought, “shouldn’t be limited to Marie Antoinette’s traditional pastel palette of pinks and blues. It should be full of the colors of nature.” I plucked a few wet grapes from her petit vineyard and as I walked through a tresseled arch, I was struck by the deep red leaves, glistening with raindrops, and the sudden bleu in the French sky as the clouds parted. The day I returned to Downtown Haddonfield, the boutique window was thoughtfully designed in shades of cranberry and baby blue, shimmering metallics and merlots. Come, take a peek. No passport required, Mademoiselle.

The Queen of France heavily influenced la mode du jour, or the fashion of the day. The Modern Marie Antoinette Collection boasts high collars, boned corsets and dramatic sleeves. The Maison Marcellé mannequins are draped in multi-tiered skirts and 7-layer tutus with wide, lace belts and tailored, velvet blazers. Sequined and satin pumps, pearl clutches and bedazzled headpieces are on hand to make you look, and FEEL like royalty this holiday season. As always, the collection is a mix of new and vintage for fashion lovers sized 0 x 5X. Oui, we dress everyone.  


It is mon plaisir to introduce the Maison Marcellé Modern Marie Antoinette Fall/ Winter 2019 Lookbook.  We look forward to styling you again soon, Demoiselle.


Your Maison Marcellé Team

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