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Maison Marcellé, A French Inspired Experience

What is inspiration?

Well, by definition, it’s




the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

"Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration, a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea."

I find that when inspiration hits, it’s powerful, like a thunderbolt! It consumes me, takes over my thoughts and almost demands that it be translated into something magical. On my last visit to Paris, there was no question what would be the inspiration for the Maison Marcellé Spring 2020 Collection... only how far over the top could we take it without losing our heads!

Maison Marcellé Spring 2020 Collection

Watching the sun quietly set on Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon and the golden gates at Versailles, I could almost hear the angels sing. I so desperately wanted to capture that golden moment, put it in my carry on luggage and bring it back to share with you. Then I gasped (in French, of course) and thought, I can... in beautiful clothes!

That next morning, my Metro pass and I set out to curate the spring collection with one idea in mind... metallics, Mademoiselle! Coming in March, we’re excited to reveal golden gowns from Le Marais, cocktail frocks that shimmer like the Seine, Parisienne parasols, glistening evening bags and trés chic vintage shoes that reflect the instantly recognizable style of French women. This collection shimmers! It’s fun, includes both casual pieces and couture, and it’s full of the French flair that you’ve come to expect from Maison Marcellé.

Inspired Window Display

When you're the creator and host of the #2 show on Amazon Prime Video’s Editor’s Pick List, you can host a your Meet and Greet anywhere. The Vintage Voyageur chose Downtown Haddonfield... and you’d better believe that we’re rolling out the red carpet to welcome her! Take a sneak peek in our shop window for some of the finest vintage Paris has to offer and a taste of the exquisite vintage collection that will be on display when Allison arrives.

Now that you have an idea of what is inspiring your Maison Marcellé style team, we do hope you will join us. Your Parisian boutique experience awaits, no passport required.

A bientôt,

Your Maison Marcellé Team

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