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La Révolution: C’est l’Heure


“Fashion is the mirror of history” ~ King Louis XIV of France. What will this time say about us?

Pivot? Reinvent? Adjust?

Reconsider. Rethink. Reevaluate.

Change. Outside of our comfort zone is where our best ideas, our best experiences, our best selves begin. This is an exciting time in history.

The Maison Marcellé Fall/Winter 2020 Collection is reflective of all the beauty that lies ahead.

Introducing: La Révolution


The Paris Fall/Winter 2020 Collection has arrived... and it’s haute, haute, HAUTE!

La Révolutionis a trés chic mix of vintage and new with the structure of couture blazers and the softness of jabots and ruffled cuffs. Rouge reds, Napoleon bleus, and gunmetal grays paint the palette. Gold crested buttons down silk-lined, wool skirts, classique cashmere coats with epaulettes, and a full line of French imported brocade corsets for fashionistas sized 0-5X.

Think... Marie Antoinette joins the Militia. Expect... to be inspired, to be lifted, and to be your best dressed.

Life may not be perfect, but your outfit can be, Madame.


Merci beaucoup to everyone who accepted our invitation to The Reveal Soirée.

The Collection was presented this week to a small (and of course, socially distanced) group. We opened to rave reviews!

“Oh my goodness, this is spectacular!”

“How in the world did you make this happen?”

“I feel like I’ve been to Paris!”

La Révolution is, hands down, the collection that I’m most proud of to date. Edgy, timely and impossibly Parisian; I look forward to sharing it with you, Madame.

Maison Marcellé began as a dream.

An idea that I could create a brand that would celebrate fashionistas of all walks, all sizes, all beliefs, and all lifestyles. But that dream began generations ago, when those who came before me dared to dream that I would be equipped and enabled to design my life.

This collection is dedicated to my Grandmothers, Carmen and Nora... and their mothers, Rosa Mae and Elizabeth... and their mothers before them. I am their wildest dream.

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