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Notes & Musings: March 2020 Edition

What We're Trending in Maison Marcellé


Not just silvers and golds, but a rainbow of shimmer and shine!

Artisan Purses from Decades Past

Lucite box bags

Tortoise shell clutches

Bakelite handles and metal closures


Since our grand opening in 2017, we have dressed women of all sizes (0-5X), but if you look closely, you’ll see our gender lines are becoming blurred, too! When we say we dress everyone, we mean EVERYONE! Let’s play dress up...


What We're Reading This Month

Creole Thrift, by Angèle Parlange

I stumbled upon this terribly stylish book at my favorite used book store. Parlange comes from a long line of colorful Louisiana women and shares their French inspired style, yummy recipes and oh-so-chic Southern secrets in this charming hardback book. Best $4 I’ve spent in ages.  Treat yourself.

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2 commentaires

Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Davis
08 août 2021

You are my HERO! I have been looking for a Boutique like forever! I'm so excited, can't wait to come and visit...I know I will be there for hours, droooling!👠👜

09 août 2021
En réponse à

We look forward to welcoming you, Madame. A trés bientôt!

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