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Madame Marcellé Café Au Lait

Let’s prance into this week Parisienne style!

Nothing says “Monday morning in Paris” quite like a perfectly prepared cup of café au lait.  

Like the French women whom we all admire for their effortless chic, café au lait is simple. No muss, no fuss. The trick to mastering this French classic is quality ingredients. If you mix a cup of Sanka with warm milk, you will undoubtedly have a warm, milky cup of horrible coffee. Blech!

Traditional café au lait requires a dark, strong-brew coffee. While any French roast will likely do, I prefer a coffee/chicory mix, specifically Café du Monde.  

Tip: Can’t get to New Orleans’ French Quarter to visit the legendary café this week? They ship worldwide.


Brew 1 cup of coffee, using double the coffee grounds. Dark and strong is what we’re after here. It’s Monday, Darling.

While your coffee is brewing, steam 1 cup of whole milk, or even half and half. Don’t use skim or low-fat (French + low-fat = no, Madame!). You’ll just be disappointed with a watery, bitter cup of coffee.  

Tip: Don’t boil your milk. It will make a film and sour your café au lait. Just heat until it steams.  

Pour HOT coffee into your favorite cup and slowly add steamed milk. Sugar to taste. I enjoy one cube; any more compromises the decadence of this French treat. Also, don’t be tempted to add cocoa shavings or cinnamon powder. Remember… simplicity, quality.

Voila. You are perfectly poised to face this week in style, ma chère.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay chic.

Your Maison Marcellé Team

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