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Antique c. 1850 -1890 service à thé. Handpainted, Nippon, porcelaine Japonaise. Pristine, no chips or cracks.

This 125+ year old Nippon tea set includes 5 cups & saucers (1 bonus saucer, 6 total), teapot with lid, and sugarpot with lid. Sourced in Fontainbleu, France; cobalt bleu avec fleurs de rosé. This delicate treasure is just the sort of set that Napoleon's Josephine would have used whilst entertaining au Château de Fontainbleu. Incroyable condition! Ships professionally packed.

Teapot: 8” width X 5” height X 5” diameter

Cup: 4” diameter X 2” height

Saucers: 5.5”

Service à Thé, Handpainted Nippon

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