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Wrapstar on a Budget

I LOVE a beautifully wrapped gift. I do NOT love the idea of spending heaps of money on paper that will likely go into an oversized trash bag on Christmas morning. So, I wrap chic-for-cheap, and I share my pro tips below so you can stay en trend in the wrapgame.

1. Pick a palette. I like my wrap to "fit" in the room the gifts are in. So this year, I went with winter whites and metallics, with hints of chartreuse and peachy pinks.

2. When you see it, buy it! If you wait until you need it, you'll have few options other than paying retail at a big box store. Bah-humbug! I found 5 full rolls of impossibly chic, impossibly French @innisbrookwraps at @worthwhilethrift (in August) for... wait for it... $4 (retails about $22 per roll). I also found a full roll of kiddie paper, in my color scheme, for $0.50 and 50 yards of wired, chartreuse satin ribbon for $0.75. I scored a pile of designer @bergdorfs tags during that summer roadtrip to Connecticut's @etflea... I think I paid about $3. I'll also use one roll of endless Dollar Tree brown packaging wrap and snips from my mantle greens (with that elegant chartreuse ribbon... ohh la la!) to seal the deal on the Frenchness (is that a word?) of my gift piles. So, for under $10, it's a wrap! I've supported a charity and a flea market vendor, and I've got all the makings and trim to wrap some pretty chic presies.

3. Think outside of the box. I've used brown paper lunch bags with pretty ribbon in lieu of expensive gifts bags. I've wrapped presents in thrifted sheet music and silk fabric from stained flea market finds. Vintage ornaments are much more exciting than those awful cellophane bows, and your back garden is full of twigs and holly for trim. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be sustainable! Your efforts won't go unnoticed!

Visit our stories for a peek at this year's holiday wrap and a few of our chic presies.

Then, tell me your secrets!

Are you a wrapstar, too?

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