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maison marcellé parfum

Maison Marcellé: Les Exclusifs

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Maison Marcellé proudly offers an upscale fragrance line.

Seasonally, Madame Marcellé works with a team of scentologists to design a line of unique fragrances. Each collection tells a story of her travels and is exclusíf to the Maison Marcellé brand. Deux parfums, Blanc and Beamarchais, are the House's signature scents. Premium candles are hand-poured and fine soaps are milled by local, female artisans.  

Inspired. Intimate. Impossibly French. 


The Versailles Fragrance Collection:

In Automne 2021, Madame Marcellé spent three enchanted days indulging in Marie Antoinette's Versailles. Visit the boutique or shop online to experience the grandeur and opulence of 18th century France, like a royal!

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