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Chic Interiors

When planning the aesthetic of Maison Marcellé, I wanted it to look and feel like a salon that Marie Antoinette and the Ladies of Her Court would linger in. Entering the boutique feels like slipping into an exquisite Parisian parlor... with gold Rococo-style fixtures, marbled tabletops, tasseled brocade draperies, Versailles-inspired chandeliers, and mirrors at every turn. Explore shimmering silhouettes while sipping pink champagne and listening to Édith Piaf as she sings La Vie en Rose. Try on sparkly baubles and glittering heels on your way to Le Chapeau Salon, where you will find the most elegant hats, caps, French berets, and fascinators. Step into one of our Marie Antoinette fitting rooms, smell the fresh bouquets de fleurs, slip into your ensemble, and voilà! The smile that you step out wearing when we have styled you in the dress that was waiting for you...
THAT’S the Maison Marcellé Magic.

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