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Chic Inspo

My Grandma, Nora, smelled of delicate pressed powder and could make the rim of a brandy glass sing with her middle finger. As the original treasure hunter, she inspires the boutique and the endless adventures I take to find stylish couture for my Maison Marcellé Madames and Mesdemoiselles. Several times a year, I make the pilgrimage to Paris for les collections. I also seek out the best vintage that New York City has to offer and make regular road trips up and down the East Coast, scouring estate sales and outdoor markets for hidden gems... quality pieces that often go overlooked and are yearning for a new home. Full of excitement and couture-induced goosebumps, I hurry back to Haddonfield--hat boxes and silk dresses in tow--to open my green French door to a salon of eternal style. Cast iron racks and vintage furnishings are filled with over 1,500 pieces of one-of-a-kind inventory to admire. Once a piece is rehomed, another lovely item finds its way into the boutique to meet its next admirer.

Because of this, all sales are final, no exceptions. Merci.

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